The Alpha Fellowship Mission

Provide students unparalleled instruction
From multiple industry experts, preparing students for real-world work in their chosen fields.

Connect students to companies and real-world projects
Give students resume-worthy experience to land interviews and their first internship or job.

Provide industry practitioners a way to share their expertise
Share your knowledge and help young go-getters find their career calling.

Provide sponsoring companies exceptional work product
Provide great companies actionable work product and an early look at standout talent.

Why we started Alpha Fellowship

The Alpha Fellowship was founded by a team of prior entrepreneurs, managers and instructors who believe that students deserve a better way to access exciting careers.

We have all experienced the challenge that many college-age students face: identifying the right career track, gaining real-world experience, and standing out enough to land the job interview.

The traditional education experience falls short in two ways.  

First, it typically teaches in a siloed manner (finance, marketing, accounting, etc.), forcing students to integrate concepts for real-world use.  

Second, instruction rarely comes from real-world professionals, i.e. experts who currently do the very work that students want to learn about.

For career prep, nothing beats instruction from a current professional.  Instead of teaching, students deserve training.

Meet Our Instructors

Our instructors are leading professionals in their fields.

All instructors

Mack Burnett III

Integrated Digital Marketing

Business Architect and Full-Stack, Growth Hacker with over 20 years of experience in designing, developing and implementing complex data-driven, ROI-focused growth campaigns. Organic "early adopter" with an intense intellectual curiosity for what’s “next”. Proven track record of designing, managing and executing successful campaigns. Strong focus on account-based, B2B solutions. Adjunct Instructor at New York University (NYU) for the last 7 years.

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Lucia Dempsey

Applied Finance

Lucia Dempsey is a finance professional with more than 10 years of experience in the energy industry, working with Fortune 500 corporations in the power, regulated utility, and oil & gas sectors. Through her work in regulatory finance, investor relations and investment banking, Lucia crafts and executes financial strategies that achieve corporate objectives and maximize shareholder value.

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Jeff Burnett

Data Analytics

Jeff leads data analytics teams that have driven billions of dollars in investment decisions. He spent over twenty years leading research and data analytics for leading hedge funds and trading companies.

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Jeff Bordogna

Product Management

Jeff is a product strategist that focuses on helping mission driven organizations deliver award-winning products. He has led product development teams for multiple internet-based service companies, and consults with traditional businesses undergoing digital transformation.

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Sammer Sabri

Options in Practice

Since graduating from the University of Virginia in 2001, Sammer has traded for several major trading firms both on and off the options floor. In 2004, he co-founded TJM Capital's equity volatility arb group. Since 2011, he has been running The Process Capital Group, a trading firm focused on trading volatility on the macro scale utilizing the VIX futures.

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Bob Guterma

Integrated Digital Marketing

Bob has helped build and implement marketing and business development strategies for multiple companies ranging in size from early-stage startup to Fortune 500. Bob also draws upon a wealth of related experience in management consulting, seed stage investing, and 10 years spent living abroad in China and Germany.

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