We teach high-demand skills that companies are hiring for every day. We do not teach to legacy academic standards, but focus on real-world skills taught by actual industry professionals.

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Fall 2020 Courses

Integrated Digital Marketing

Marketing, advertising, business development, and sales are the primary forces behind revenue growth. Learn the complex, nuanced mix of creative ideas, best practices, processes, and technology that drive marketing operations at companies large and small.

Real Estate Acquisitions: Financial Modeling and Valuation

Beyond the house-flipper cable shows lies a rich world of institutional investors, large-scale companies — and careers. Learn how investment analysts throughout the various players in the real estate industry (investors, lenders, brokers, developers) evaluate, market, and transact on opportunities.

Product Management in Practice

If they come, you will build it. Product managers orchestrate decisions across multiple teams, creating products and experiences that customers love. Learn the critical techniques of product strategy, customer development, and product lifecycle management.

Applied Finance

Money makes the world go 'round, but who controls it? Learn how investment banks, private equity, venture capital and hedge funds direct money to opportunities. And the survival tools of finance professionals — including three statement analysis, core excel skills and valuation techniques.

Applied Data Analytics

Data analytics discovers the buried treasure. Learn the essential techniques and tools to reveal clues that help companies launch the best products, market them, and improve how they are produced.

Weapons of Financial Destruction: Options in Practice

Warren Buffet coined options "Weapons of Financial Mass Destruction" yet even he turned the launch keys. What did he mean, and why did he use them? Learn the core mechanics and use-cases of options in the real-world for investors ranging from retail to institutional scale.

Why study with us?

Alpha Fellowship teaches the skills that companies are hiring for every day — then we connect you with those companies for live project work.

Unrivaled Instructors

Our Instructors have a decade of directly applicable experience, on average, at leading companies you will recognize.  Over 95% have an MBA or advanced degree from a top university, and the majority have led campus recruiting throughout their careers.

Standout Resume Material

Real-world experience stands out on resumes and LinkedIn.  Yet, gaining real-world experience through intern or externships is not always straightforward.  Our courses equip students with tangible skills and enable them to apply them to real-world projects with quantifiable results.

Practical Training

Instructors design courses like a new job onboarding program, training students as if they were completing their first six weeks at an entry level position. The Alpha Fellowship practicum (link to page that describes this experience) provides students tangible experience working on small teams for a company sponsor, delivering a tangible work product.

Direct Connections to Industry

Guest speakers and co-instructors provide students direct exposure to professionals working within multiple companies and sectors.  The Alpha Fellowship practicum connects students with a sponsoring company, whose manager and team work closely with the students during their four week projects.  Relationships developed over the course provide students a starting point to explore industries, companies and job opportunities.