The Alpha Practicum.

Four-week group projects sponsored by leading companies.

Projects begin January 2021    |    All remote & online

Projects begin January 2021
All remote & online

For companies

  • No cost
  • 3-5 motivated, trained students for 4 weeks
  • Intern-appropriate assignments
  • You define the objectives (we can help here, too)
  • We ensure impactful deliverables
  • Low time requirement

For students

  • Apply learning to actual company needs
  • Team-based problem solving
  • Develop valuable work product
  • Present directly to sponsoring manager
  • Standout experience for resume & LinkedIn
  • Networking opportunity into industry

Gain real world experience.

Practicum projects and course content are co-developed with managers at companies such as:

Practical instruction

Instructors with deep industry experience at leading companies.


Our Courses

Our curricula read like job descriptions, not degrees. You will learn how to understand and carry out the work typical of entry level jobs in the most in-demand positions in the modern economy.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Marketing, advertising, business development, and sales are the primary forces behind revenue growth. Learn the complex, nuanced mix of creative ideas, best practices, processes, and technology that drive marketing operations at companies large and small.

Real Estate Acquisitions: Financial Modeling and Valuation

Beyond the house-flipper cable shows lies a rich world of institutional investors, large-scale companies — and careers. Learn how investment analysts throughout the various players in the real estate industry (investors, lenders, brokers, developers) evaluate, market, and transact on opportunities.

Product Management in Practice

If they come, you will build it. Product managers orchestrate decisions across multiple teams, creating products and experiences that customers love. Learn the critical techniques of product strategy, customer development, and product lifecycle management.

Applied Finance

Money makes the world go 'round, but who controls it? Learn how investment banks, private equity, venture capital and hedge funds direct money to opportunities. And the survival tools of finance professionals — including three statement analysis, core excel skills and valuation techniques.

Applied Data Analytics

Data analytics discovers the buried treasure. Learn the essential techniques and tools to reveal clues that help companies launch the best products, market them, and improve how they are produced.

Weapons of Financial Destruction: Options in Practice

Warren Buffet coined options "Weapons of Financial Mass Destruction" yet even he turned the launch keys. What did he mean, and why did he use them? Learn the core mechanics and use-cases of options in the real-world for investors ranging from retail to institutional scale.